Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I attended a Ball at Playa Bonita Resort & Spa. It was lovely. Everyone was dressed to the nines and I was able to wear a very special dress. (Click for details).

Playa Bonita is located not far from Panama City overlooking the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal close to Fort Kobbe (Howard Air Force Base). Playa Bonita boasts of beautiful sunsets and private beaches. They also have a very nice arrangement of pools. I found the staff and security to be pleasant and welcoming and saw many tourists checking in/out when I arrived. They all appeared to have cheerful dispositions but this could be either due to their stay or to the sight of our crowd donned in gowns and tuxes. They offered a special deal of $150 (+tax) for 2 adults including breakfast.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today The Husband had a day off for Veterans Day. Instead of wasting away on our computers in front the telly we decided to get out of the house and tootle through the neighborhood. There was no goal or aim, we just bounced around. I say ‘bounced’ because there are so many speed bumps in Panama we are close to going insane. Rumor has it, anyone can put up a speed bump anywhere and if you look around you can see the rumor has some truths because some of them match, some of them don’t, some are here, some are there, some in pairs, some in tears. There are even a few with pieces of rebar protruding straight up waiting for your tire to stray. Our vehicle is suffering from them too. I’ll have to take some pictures to illustrate. Oooh, and the missing manhole covers… but I stray…

Today, after living here almost a year, we finally see a sloth! Not in the jungle, not in a park, not even in a tree… It was climbing a gated carport in the neighborhood. We jumped out and caught it on camera before the battery went kaput.

Monday, October 26, 2009

 Hulkum, the friendly Golden Retriever

What I love the most about traveling is experiencing new cultures in traditions, food, entertainment, language. It’s all interesting and fun for me to learn. However, in doing so, I have found a stronger sense of patriotism in my home country as well as felt more holiday spirit in my own traditions when abroad. For example, I’ve never felt more Christmas spirit as I did when living in Israel and having the only Christmas tree on the block. People wished me “Happy Christmas” all the time. I think this may be due to forcing your tradition instead of it being forced on you by Wal-Mart, Hall-Mark, etc. Even to find simple decorations you have to hunt them down and travel across town to the ‘foreign market’ to find some of what you were looking for.

So this brings me to the latest holiday that is approaching, Halloween. Traditionally Halloween is not celebrated in Panama like it is in The States.

As if we didn’t have to worry enough about the Swine/Pig Flu… now there’s Dengue!

What is Dengue, you ask? Dengue, pronounced dĕng'gē, is a fever brought on from a virus transmitted from your average friendly Aedes Mosquito. Oddly enough it’s only transmitted from Human to Mosquito to Human and NOT from Human to Human. So feel free to make out with someone with Dengue just don’t share mosquitoes!

All jokes aside, apparently this is a serious concern even though I’ve never ever heard of it before now. According to Tropicland.org, 50% of Panama’s population

Sunday, October 18, 2009

¿Cómo se dice...?


Living abroad brings the opportunity to learn another language. In college I studied Spanish (beginner I-IV). I picked it up fairly quickly. I would like to thank Sesame Street for that one. I traveled to Costa Rica and made my way about just find with the basics—greetings, ordering food, taking taxis, etc. But that was all in my Freshman and Sophomore years (1998-2000) and I haven’t exercised my Spanish since then.