Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hunting Monkeys in Panama

This was an awesome day’s adventure in Panama. I drove up from Panama City with a friend to Soberonia National Park in Gamboa. The rainforests are lush and there is lots of wildlife. On this particular trip, I saw mostly butterflies because there were many other hikers on the trails. On a previous hike I saw Gato Solos and a Cappuccino Monkey. I hear the morning hours are the best time to hike and see wildlife but this girl doesn’t function well at sunrise.

Here are some useful links to help plan a trip:

Soberonia National Park (
Gamboa Rainforst Resort (
Gamboa Tours (

I hope you like my video I made. It’s a touch of humor in our search for Monkeys in the jungles of Panama. I have more videos on my adventures in Panama at YouTube (link)



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